Tuscany Products


TVDR 36", 48" and 66"W. Ranges Tuscany-1

TVWH 36", 48" and 66"W. Wall Hoods Tuscany-4

Tuscany Dishwasher Panel Tuscany-4


6 Series Virtuoso Products


MVIC 6 Series Electric All Induction 30" and 36"W. Cooktops Virtuoso-1

MVSOE/MVDOE 6 Series Electric 30"W. Single and Double Ovens Virtuoso-2

MVSOC Combi Steam/Convect Oven Virtuoso-3

MVWD 6 Series 30"W. Electric Warming Drawer Virtuoso-4

MVLWH 6 Series Hood Virtuoso-5

6 Series Dishwasher Door Panel Virtuoso-5

MVBI/FBI 7 Series 36"W. Bottom-Mount Refrigerator/Freezer Virtuoso-6


5 and 7 Series Cooking Products


VGIC 5 Series Gas 30" and 36"W. Open Burner Range Cooking-1

VGR 5 Series Gas 30", 36", 48", and 60"W. Sealed Burner Range Cooking-3

VGR 7 Series Gas 36" and 48"W. Ranges Cooking-7

VDR 5 Series Dual Fuel Self-Clean 30", 36", 48" and 60"W. Sealed Burner Ranges Cooking-9

VDR 7 Series Dual Fuel Self-Clean 36" and 48"W. Ranges Cooking-13

VER 5 Series Electric Self-Clean 30"W. Range Cooking-15

VIR 5 Series Electric Induction Self-Clean 30W. Range Cooking-16

VRT 5 Series Gas 30", 36", and 48"W. Rangetops Cooking-17

VGRT 7 Series Gas 36" and 48"W. Rangetops Cooking-20

VUIW Undercounter Induction Warmer Cooking-22

Surface Cooking Accessories Cooking-23

VGSU Gas 30" and 36"W. Cooktops and Accessories Cooking-25

VEC/VECU 5 Series Electric Radiant 30" and 36"W. Cooktops Cooking-26

VIC/VICU 5 Series Electric All Induction 30 and 36W. Cooktops Cooking-27

VESO/VEDO Ultra-Premium Select Electric 30"W. Single/Double Ovens Cooking-28

VESO/VEDO Ultra-Premium Premiere Electric 27" and 30"W. Single/Double Ovens Cooking-29

VSOF/VDOF Ultra Premium 7 Series French-Door Premiere 30"W. Single/Double Oven Cooking-30

VDOT TurboChef Built-in Electric 30"W. Double Oven Cooking-31

VMOS/VMOC Conventional and Convection Microwave Ovens and Built-In Trim Kits Cooking-32

VMOD Undercounter DrawerMicro Oven Cooking-33

VMOR Convection Microwave Hood and Accessory Cooking-33

VWD 5 Series 27"and 30"W. Electric Warming Drawers and Accessory Cooking-34


5 Series Ventilation Products


VWH 10H. Wall Hoods Vent-1

VWH 12"H. Wall Hoods/VRK Recirculating Hood Conversion Kits/Accessory Vent-2

VWH 18"H./24D. Wall Hoods/DCW Duct Covers Vent-3

VCWH Chimney Wall Hoods/DCCE Duct Cover Extensions Vent-4

VCIH Chimney Island Hoods/VCCI Chimney Island Duct Covers Vent-5

VBCV Custom Ventilator Systems Vent-6

Hood Accessories and Interior/Exterior/In-line Ventilator Kits/Ventilator Kits Vent-7

VDD Downdrafts and Ventilator Kits Vent-8

Hood Data Vent-9


Refrigeration Products


VCBB/FDBB 5 Series 36W. Bottom-Mount Refrigerator/Freezers Ref-1

VBI/FBI 7 Series 36W. Bottom-Mount Refrigerator/Freezers Ref-2

VCSB/FDSB 5 Series 42W. Side-by-Side Refrigerator/Freezers Ref-3

VCSB/FDSB 5 Series 48W. Side-by-Side Refrigerator/Freezers Ref-4

VCRB/FDRB 5 Series 30W. All Refrigerator Ref-5

VCRB/FDRB 5 Series 36W. All Refrigerator Ref-6

VCFB/FDFB 5 Series 30W. All Freezer Ref-7

VCFB/FDFB 5 Series 36W. All Freezer Ref-8

VCWB 30W. Full-Height Wine Cellar/Accessories Ref-9

VRUI/VDUI 24"W. Refrigerators Ref-10

VBUI 15 and 24W. Refrigerated Beverage Centers Ref-11

VWUI 15 and 24W. Wine Cellars Ref-12

FGIM/FPIM/FGNI/FPNI 15W. Ice Machines and Accessories Ref-13


Kitchen Cleanup Products


FDW Built-In Dishwashers and Accessories Cleanup-1

Outdoor Products

VQGI 30, 36", 42", and 54"W. Outdoor Gas Grills Outdoor-1

VQGFS 30, 36", 42", and 54"W. Freestanding Gas Grills with Carts Outdoor-2

VQGSB 13"W. Outdoor Gas Side Burner and VQGPB 20"W.Outdoor Power Burner Outdoor-3

VQEWD Outdoor 30W. Warming Drawer Outdoor-4

VQEWD 42W. Convenience Center with 30W. Warming Drawer Outdoor-4

Outdoor Accessories Outdoor-5

VGBQ 30, 36", 42", and 54"W. 5 Series Ultra-Premium Gas Grill Outdoor-6

VGIQ 42 and 54W. 5 Series Ultra Premium Grills with TruSear Infrared Burner Outdoor-7

BQC 30, 36", 42, and 54"W. 500 Series Ultra-Premium Gas Grill Carts Outdoor-8

VGBQ/VGIQ Accessories Outdoor-9

VGSB and VGWTO Gas Side Burners and Wok/Cooker Outdoor-11

VEWDO 30 and 36W. Warming Drawers and Accessory Outdoor-12

Storage Drawers and Access Doors Outdoor-13

VWHO 36", 48", and 60"W. Wall Hoods/Accessories Outdoor-14

VRUO/VDUO 24"W. Outdoor Refrigeration Outdoor-15

FGIM/FPIM/FGNI/FPNI Undercounter/Freestanding 15W. Ice Machine/Accessories Outdoor-16

Stainless Steel Cabinets Outdoor-17


3 Series Cooking Products


RVGR Gas Self-Clean 30"W. Sealed Burner Range 3 Series-1

RVDR Dual Fuel 30W. Sealed Burner Range 3 Series-2

RVER Electric Radiant Range 3 Series-3

RVGC Gas 30" and 36"W. Cooktops 3 Series-4

RVEC Electric Radiant 30", 36" and 45"W. Cooktops 3 Series-5

RVSOE/RVDOE Electric 30W. Single/Double Ovens 3 Series-6

RVM Microwave Oven and Trim Kit 3 Series-7

RVMH Conventional and Convection Microwave Hoods 3 Series-7

RVEWD 30"W. Warming Drawer 3 Series-8


3 Series Ventilation Products


RVCH 12H. Wall Hoods and Accessories 3 Series-9

VDD Downdrafts and Accessories 3 Series-10


3 Series Refrigeration Products


RVRF Freestanding 36W. French Door Bottom Freezer and Accessories 3 Series-11


3 Series Kitchen Cleanup Products



FDW Built-In Dishwashers 3 Series-12




36"W. Tuscany Range - TVDR360

36"W. Tuscany Range - TVDR360
36WTuscany Range TVDR360.pdf
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48"W. Tuscany Range - TVDR480

48"W. Tuscany Range - TVDR480
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36" 7 Series Gas Range - VGR

36" 7 Series Gas Range - VGR
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36" 7 Series Gas Range - VGRViking Professional 7 Series
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